List of some of the Best Electricians in Auckland – March 6th 2018

If you are looking for electrician in Auckland, the list below will help you choose the best electrician.

Jenco Electrical

Jenco Electrical are Registered Master Electricians providing electrical services in the Auckland area for electrical installation, electrical repairs and maintenance for residential and commercial electrical needs.

They service these area: Auckland Central, West Auckland, South Auckland & North Shore.

If you’re living in Auckland, contact Jenco Electrical on 0800 453 626 for all electrical needs.

Physical Address:

Jenco Electrical

C6/8 Henry Rose Pl, Albany, Auckland 0632

Phone: 0800 453 626

Google Reviews

Jenco Electrical have 5 Star ratings on Google Reviews. They have 40 unique reviews written by 40 unique customer stating that they were very happy with the service provided by Jenco Electrical and also they are recommending Jenco Electrical to others their friends. They are also willing to hire Jenco Electrical again in future for their electrical needs.

Jenco Electrical also have good reviews on Facebook as well. Click the link below to read all the Facebook reviews for Jenco Electrical.


As we can see from the stats provided by Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews, we can surely tell that Jenco Electrical are exceptional in what they do providing excellent service to their customers in Auckland.

So we recommend Jenco Electrical for all your electrical needs in Auckland.

Hall Electrical Services

Hall Electrical services are also Registered Master Electrician providing electrical services for electrical repairs, electrical installations, and electrical maintenance.

They provide domestic electrical services, commercial electrical services, emergency lighting and Electrical maintenance services in Auckland.

Google Reviews

Like Jenco Electrical they also have Google reviews of 4.2 Star Ratings and have 11 Google reviews.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any Facebook reviews.

You can contact Hall Electrical on 09 379 9198

Laser Electrical

Laser Electrical Auckland Central’s highly qualified, experienced electricians provide electrical services throughout the greater Auckland area.

Their electrical services include:

  • Residential Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Maintenance & Servicing
  • Air Conditioning
  • Data & Communications
  • Heating
  • Home Theatre Audio & Automation

Google Reviews

They have 5 Stars Ratings out of 11 Google Reviews which is awesome.

They’re active on Facebook, they always post something interesting which is awesome.

Here’s the link to their page.

You can contact Laser Electrical on (09) 638 8883 for all your electrical needs in Auckland.


Leck Electrical

Leck Electrical is your local Master Electrician in Auckland. Their team of professional and reliable electricians provide a range of residential and commercial electrical services Auckland wide.

Leck Electrical provides residential and commercial electrical services, property management, solar systems design and installation, and electrical inspections.

Google Reviews:

Leck Electrical have 5-star ratings out of only 5 Google Reviews, which is good. What they need to do is start asking their customer to start reviewing them on Google Reviews.

You can contact Leck Electrical on their freephone 0508 438 532


Northern Lights –  Lighting and Electrical

Northern Lights are Master Electrician based in Auckland, providing residential, commercial and industrial electrical services throughout Auckland.

Here’s some of the residential electrical services they provide:

  1. Residential LED Lighting Installation.
  2. Residential electrical repairs and maintenance.
  3. House Wiring and Electrical plans.
  4. Security alarm installers.
  5. Under floor heating.
  6. Home theatre installation.
  7. Aerial Installation.

Some of their commercial electrical services:

  1. Lightbox signage.
  2. Data Cabling.
  3. Test and Tag Auckland.
  4. Security Area Lighting.
  5. Commercial

Contact Northern Lights on 0800 177 275 for all your electrical needs.

Good Electrical

Good Electrical is a group of electrical contractors based in Auckland that you can depend on for excellent, reliable services. Their team of electricians in Auckland Central and surrounding areas carry out meticulous, top quality work for their clients by taking care of the whole process – from initial consultation to employing trustworthy registered electricians who reliably meet deadlines.

Their electrical contractors meet with clients to find and plan creative solutions for problems based on their extensive knowledge of the electrical trades.


They provide quotes, oversee job progress, and make sure that the result meets our exacting standards. Their fully registered Master electricians are backed by a workmanship guarantee from our professional industry body, the Electrical Contractor Association of New Zealand (ECANZ).

They provide Residential Electrical services, commercial electrical services.

They also provide Spa and pool electrical services.

Google Reviews:

They have a good 5-star rating out of only 3 Google Reviews. They should focus on getting more Google Reviews by asking their customer to review them on Google about their experience and the quality of service offered by Good Electrical.

Their contact phone is 0800 367 466 if you need a electrical in Auckland.

Grammar Electrical

Grammar Electrical is an Auckland-based full service electrical services supplier. They are the industry experts in ongoing electrical-jobbing partnerships, 24/7 emergency response and quoting accuracy for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

They provide the following electrical services:


  • Commercial & Retail Fit Outs
  • Ongoing Electrical Jobbing
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Lighting Systems
  • New Commercial & Apartment
  • Building Electrical
  • Data/Computer Cabling
  • Preventative Maintenance


  • Renovations
  • Mains Connections
  • Extractor Fans & Heating
  • Hot Water Cylinders
  • CCTV, Security Systems & Gates
  • Lighting Installation/Repair
  • Audio Visual


  • Factory Relocations
  • Power Factor Corrections
  • PLC Devices and Systems
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Electronic Repairs
  • Machinery Servicing
  • Equipment Breakdown

Google Reviews:

Grammar Electrical have a good number of Google Reviews. They’ve got 4.6 Star ratings out of 20 Google reviews, which is awesome. They can push more and get more Google reviews, because the more review they get, they more they will show up on local searches and will be found more by customers.

So, if you need any of the following services in Auckland, contact Grammar Electrical on 09 379 3320

Kerridge Electrical

Kerridge Electrical are Auckland electricians based in the Central suburbs. They service areas across Auckland including Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Kingsland, West Auckland, Penrose, Parnell, Remuera, North Shore and the eastern suburbs.

Steven and the rest of the team will take care of your project and complete it on time with precision and quality workmanship. Their team of Auckland electricians can handle any type of electrical work be it installation, repairs or servicing for a wide range of electrical appliances and fixtures.

With Kerridge Elecrical, you can expect a quick response time, a free quote and expert advice along the way.

They provide the following services:

  • Residential electrical services.
  • Commercial Electrical Services.
  • Electrical Installation and repairs.

Google Reviews:

Kerridge Electrical have an good ratings of 4.3 star of out 6 reviews.

If you need a electrician in Auckland, call Kerridge Electrical today on 021 779 228


Mr Sparks Electrical

Mr Sparks Electrical are registered Master Electrician based in Auckland. They provide commercial and residential electrical services.

Residential Electrical Services:

  • Home lighting
  • Outdoor lighting/garden lighting
  • Home wiring
  • New power points
  • Stove and oven repairs
  • Security systems
  • TV & phone installation
  • Builders temporary electrical supply
  • Home heating
  • Smart vent systems
  • Home ventilation
  • New home wiring fit outs

Commercial Electrical Services:

  • Shop and office fit outs
  • Switchboards
  • Three phase outlets
  • Data cabling
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Fluorescent lighting and changing
  • LED lights
  • Security systems
  • Security lighting
  • Lamp replacement programmers
  • Lighting design
  • Power saving
  • Networks

Google Reviews:

Mr Sparks Electrical have a good rating on Google Reviews. They have 5 Star rating, but they have only 2 reviews which is not good. They can do better by asking their customer to review them on Google. Cause the more high-quality reviews they get the better for the business.

I hope these lists of Electricians above will help you choose the best electrician.

There’s many other electricians in Auckland, which I haven’t been able to add them on this list, if you’d like to business to be added to this list, please send a email to [email protected] with your details and I’ll add them to the list.

Thanks for reading this blog. Hope this was helpful for you.

Commercial Electrical Testing and Tagging

Increase Your Building’s Electrical Safety And Meet Compliance

Testing and tagging involves checking the condition and efficiency of your electrical devices.

This helps protect your business from potential fire hazards, as well as helping to reduce maintenance costs.

Under Healthy & Safety it is a requirement that all electrical equipment and fittings – anything from large manufacturing equipment, to a small office kettle should be tested and tagged.

Tradespeople will require all of their tools and equipment to have current tags before being able to enter work sites.

Regular testing should be scheduled every 3, 6 or 12 months depending upon the type of equipment and usage as per AS/NZS3760 regulations.

Most test and tag companies are only trained in testing, while we can test and repair damaged equipment without the need to bring in another party.

Our NZ registered Master Electricians in Auckland are fully qualified to perform testing and tagging with latest test equipment. All of our work conforms to AS/NZS3760

For more information about Commercial Electrical Testing and Tagging, visit Jenco Electrical website at



How appropriate light at workplace can affect productivity

February 19, 2018

Light is a necessity to everyone. Research shows that people get more than 70% of the information they have through the sense of sight. Light enables us to see. In workplaces, proper lighting enables workers to see well without straining on their eyes. It also helps workers to walk without accidents. Lack of proper lighting makes workers to strain, which may result in eye illnesses and sometimes headache, so when you’re hiring an electrician in Auckland to do your house or business lighting system, choose the best electrician for the job.

Electrician in Auckland

Generally, light is required in the workplaces even for aesthetic purposes. To get the most out of your commercial lighting, it is imperative that you hire an experienced electrician to install all the different kinds of lighting needed for the efficient function of your workplace. Here are the roles of appropriate lighting at workplace.

Lighting Increases Productivity

Proper lighting in a workplace enables the workers to work without straining. The fact that they can see well ensures that they do not mess up in the work. Workers in a well-lit workplace are healthy, active and have a high level of engagement.

Furthermore, proper lighting enhances creativity and analytical thinking of workers. The creativity of workers means that they can come up with new ideas and suggestions on how to work easily at less cost while maximizing the produce. Poor lighting makes workers to strain, resulting in stress and headache. This lowers the productivity.

So improving your lighting system can dramatically increase the productivity of your staff which helps them perform better and also it makes your staff happy and makes them feel comfortable. So always have the best lighting system for your workplace.

Happy worker smiling

Avoid Light-Related Illnesses

Poor lighting causes many problems to workers including eye straining and headaches. These problems can cause other future health problems. As worker strain their bodies to see, problems like shoulder, neck, and back pains may arise. Workers with a poor health may not be productive. Therefore, the office or industry will have to change workers after some time due to the health effects. This affects the productivity of the industry or the office directly because there is time spent to train new workers and the period before they are used to the work.

Prevent Occurrence of Accidents

Workers in a poorly lit workplace face many problems as they do their day to day work. They face injuries mainly from stripping and falling as they walk in the workplace. These workers may also face a challenge of dropping materials or equipment that they use in the work. This makes the workers to have high expenditure on the health than planned. More so, it makes the industry or the office to replace many of the materials that get broken from the accidents in the work.

Prevent Depression

Poor lighting in a workplace can cause some workers to be depressed and less energized. Poor lighting can also contribute to poor response to treatment. This brings mood disorders. Proper lighting makes workers to be energized and thus making the productivity to be high.

These are just some of the major reasons why lighting is important in any workplace. There are many benefits an organization can get by installing the best led lights. Hire an experienced commercial electrician in Auckland today to do the rewiring or install a new lighting system for your office, workshop or industry. Remember to consider factors, such as licenses, experience, cost and technology they use when hiring your electrician in Auckland.

What others are saying about Jenco Electrical

Great job done by really nice guys

Great job done by really nice guys! Had an emergency job and Wayne came and sorted it.

I also then needed some more work done (to fix some previous cowboys job they charged for and didn’t finish), so I called Jenco again. They were punctual, polite, friendly and informative. Did a great job in less time than they allowed and came in on budget. Highly recommend these guys.

Rebecca White

You guys are amazing

WOW!!! Jenco you guys are AMAZING!!! Our power went out Saturday morning so we rang Vector. Just after 6pm we were informed there was an issue with our connection from our mains to our switchboard and we would have to get an electrician to fix it. It was pouring down with rain and blowing a gale – who on earth would come out and help us?? I rang a lot of 0800 numbers and no one seemed interested. With one last go I rang your number and the phone was answered immediately by Gillian. She advised she would ring her man and get back to me. Two minutes later she rang back to say Wayne was on his way. Within 15 minutes Wayne arrived and got to work.  He fixed the problem and even offered to come back and make sure all went well when Vector reconnected us – what a guy!!! But it didn’t stop there. Gillian rang the next morning to make sure our power was on and we were happy with the service. Thank you so much for caring and providing such exceptional service. Honestly you guys are FANTASTIC!!!

Dee Richardson

Read more about Jenco Electrical on their website. Visit Jenco Electrical website. 

DIY electrical repairs you can do at your home in New Zealand

Here are some of the DIY electrical repairs you can easily do by yourself at your home.

It’s always good to have some DIY electrical knowledge as it can come in handy when you’re least expecting it.  Suppose you’re at home and suddenly something goes wrong with your electricity at home, you can easily fix these small problems without having to call an electrician and can help save you some money.

Here’s some electrical problem you can easily fix at your home by yourself:

  1. How to replace your fuse.
  2. How to check your circuit breaker
  3. How to wire a plug

we will be discussing these topics below in details

1. How to replace your fuse.

Follow this guide when replacing some types of fuses:

  1. Turn off the main power switch at the switch board.
  2. Look inside the switchboard for a list of the equipment or circuits each fuse controls.  Usually one fuse controls a certain area of the house, such as the kitchen, or certain types of equipment, like lighting.
  3. If you can’t tell which fuse has blown, pull out, inspect, and replace each fuse, one at a time.
  4. Once identified, switch off lights and unplug all appliances on the faulty circuit.
  5. Replace the fuse wire.  There are a number of different types of fuses.  If you are not sure, the best way to replace a fuse is to examine one of the intact fuses in your switchboard and copy the way the wiring runs in the carrier.
  6. Make sure you use the correct current rating wire.  The current is generally indicated on the front of the fuse carrier.
    – Lighting circuits typically use 5 amp wire but not greater than 10 amp.
    – Socket outlets use 10 amp wire but not greater than 15 amp.
    – Large appliances, such as electric stoves, may use a larger size.
  7. Make sure no excess wire is sticking out of the fuse carrier.
  8.  Replace the fuse carrier and turn on the main power switch.
  9. Check all appliances, light fittings and cords that were in use when the circuit failed.  Replace or repair faulty equipment.  Check that the fuse did not blow due to overloading the circuit.
  10. If the fuse blows again, call a licensed electrician.
  11. Never be tempted to replace a fuse wire with a larger size of fuse wire, or another object.  Doing so may result in an electrically-caused fire.
  12. If a fuse has blown it is because of an overload situation or a fault has occurred on the circuit.  If you replace a fuse and it still blows, you should call a licensed worker.


2. How to check your circuit breaker

  1. If your power goes off because your circuit breaker has tripped, look for the lever in the “off” position (A) or where the button has popped out (B).
  2. Switch off lights and unplug all appliances on the faulty circuit.
  3. Push the operating lever to the “on” position (A), or push in the button on the circuit breaker (B).
  4. If the circuit breaker continues to trip, call a licensed electrician.


3. How to wire a plug

We recommend that you buy moulded plugs that do not need rewiring. However if you do need to rewire, there is only one way to wire an electrical plug safely.

Study the diagram below and ensure that you always connect the correct colour to the correct letter. In New Zealand, it is most common for the coloured wires inside power cords to look like either A or B. They should be connected as illustrated below.

Warning! If you are rewiring a plug yourself, always ensure the wires are correctly positioned, as this is a common cause of serious electric shocks if wired incorrectly.


All household power outlets in New Zealand only use a flat three or two-pin plug, depending on whether an earth connection is fitted.

Typical three pin plug:


If you are not able to check your circuit breaker or replace your fuse by yourself and need a professional electrician in Auckland to do it for you, contact Jenco Electrical. Jenco Electrical services can help you with all kinds of electrical needs, general electrical maintenance, and new builds.They also service West Auckland and North Shore region.




How LED light uses less energy!

How LED Lights uses less energy.  LED lights are far way better than normal lights. If you’re still using normal lights in your home, it’s time you switch to LED lights as they use less energy and give more brightness. Here’s a link to the article which talks about how LED light can help you reduce your energy bills.

Lightning contributes for nearly 6% of global CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, so scientists stress on making changes that can make our lighting more energy efficient. It’s time to raise awareness of how to find and use technologies to save energy and reduce CO2emissions. Of the many technologies currently available, the most promising and affordable are light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs are highly efficient and could reduce the world’s electricity consumption in a big way.

What you need to know before choosing an Electrician

What you need to know before choosing an electrician. This article will help you ask what you need to ask the electrician before letting me into your house, and also what you need to check to verify that you’re not being scammed. So check out this article, and hope this helps you choose the right electrician for your home.

The first thing that should be on your check list when choosing someone is that he or she should be a licensed professional. Licensed electricians are your foremost guarantee that he or she would be more than capable to do various electrical works effectively and safely. The last thing you would do is hire an unlicensed electrician. Aside from fixing your electrical dilemma, there is a chance that further damage can be done instead.

Aside from license, you would also want someone that has experience in the kind of job you need to be done.   A master electrician is your best bet if your electrical problems are big in scope. These professionals often have at least three years of experience with a workmanship guarantee or warranty on the work they do. A master electrician will certainly cost you more though.

What you need to know about Electrician!

Have you ever wondered thinking, oh wish I knew how to fix this electrical problem in your own house, wished you knew how to change the faulty light bulb in your house? Having some basic electrical skills can come in handy if there’s something that’s not working at your house, that means you don’t have to call an electrician for this little electrical problem which you can do it by yourself and at the same time you’re saving some money.   Here’s an article, which will give you an overview of an electrician of what they do.

Handling electrical appliances is a skill that is taught. While one may know about the dangers of handling live wires and potentially dangerous equipment, complete knowledge is required in order to prevent catastrophes. This is especially the case when handling heavy equipment like jackhammers. In other words, there is a huge amount of attention paid towards caution and responsibility. Without this, working with electrical equipment could be very dangerous. It is this very equipment that when handled by experts can be immensely useful tools.